Dongguan Enuo mold Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Hong Kong BHD Group, plastic mold design and manufacturing is their core business. Furthermore, metal parts CNC machining, prototype products R&D, inspection fixture/Gauge R&D, plastic products molding, spraying and assembly also be engaged in.

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About auto air & water tank, fan & fan shroud radiator parts plastic mold, the quality controlling of design and manufacturing are more difficult than normal type, as this type parts normally been molded by material PA6 (PA66)/PP + GF (30-35%) compound, and this kind of material is easy to be deformation during the molding process, and corresponding product size are easy to be out of tolerance. Therefore, familiar with its deformation regularity, thento do the pre-deformation design based on experience and CAE analysis result in the early design process has become the key to the success of mold manufacturing. we call this type of mold as pre-deformation mold.

Enuo mold team has more than 10 years experience on pre-deformation mold making, and have served Valeo, Mahle-behr, Delphi and other world-renowned auto parts customers. warmly welcome to communicate with us about pre-deformation mold.

Gauge in germany
Gauge in germany
Gauge in germany
Gauge in germany
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