Prototype Mold in America

Dongguan Enuo mold Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Hong Kong BHD Group, plastic mold design and manufacturing is their core business. Furthermore, metal parts CNC machining, prototype products R&D, inspection fixture/Gauge R&D, plastic products molding, spraying and assembly also be engaged in.

Prototype Mold in America

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Enuo mold uses 3D printing or silicone mold technology to provide customers with one-stop services such as rapid product development, rapid model manufacturing, rapid tooling and mass production. Using PRO/E, UG, SOLIDWORKS, MASTERCAM, AUTOCAD and other software to internal products Optimization of structure, design, etc., providing customers with reliable basis for new product development, market testing, exhibition sales and mold manufacturing.

Prototype Mold in America


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Gauge in germany
Gauge in germany
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