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The solutions to control the deformation of air & water tank-modification section
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The solutions to control the deformation of air & water tank-modification section

Dear readers, we talked about the design section to control the pre-deformation mold on last article (How to control the deformation of air & water tank part? -design section), but to have good design is the premise,we also need do a lot modification work to adjust dimension according to the actual mold trial result. As you know, different part possesses different geometry, hence different molding status should match different solutions. ok, please follow me to know what solution we would act.

General speaking, normally we need 4 times mold trial to get the mold ready for buy-off, and every trial have its role to contribute the mold complete.


T0 tryout is our team inner action to check the mold function, and verify the result of the pre-deformation we designed or made in mold are correct or not.


Obtaining the data of part actual deformation (Base end surface, tube orifice, fitting holes, assembly buckle…)

Try to find all the issues of mold, no matter obviously or hidden,for instance: mold opening/closing action, mold ejection action, material filling balance status,part de-molding status, flash and short-shout etc.

To stay samples in normal temperature 24h with free status, then measure their dimensions (the dimension reports only for inner modification), especially to check the foot area, like the straightness, flatness, foot height and thickness. Because foot area always as the measurement datums. Once T0 dimension report available, then modify the mold according to that by welding.


About the dimension modification after T0, only care about the flatness, straightness and perpendicularity.


For T1 tryout, normally customer will join us for mold trial.and we should realize below goals from T1.

Mold function and movement should be OK, and injection status should be run with a stable status.

Samples dimension should be almost ok on foot area straightness, flatness and perpendicularity.

24 hours later, measuring the samples(full dimension reports will be sent to customer) and according to the results to act the mold modification.


Replacing the soft steel of core inserts to required hard steel. meanwhile check the tool and standards parts to prepare the checklist.

Doing some small adjusting about the straightness, flatness and perpendicularity.

Optimizing all position tolerance.



The goals of T2 tryout are:

95% position dimensions of pipes, brekts and clips in the tolerance. To measure the samples and check if any NG dimensions stay.

100% straightness, flatness and perpendicularity are in the tolerance.

All mismatch between inserts are within 0.1mm.

T2 samples should be submitted to customer for function and assembly test, communication with customer if any feedback from tests. If without engineering changing we will modify the mold as schedule.


Optimizing all dimensions.


T3 tryout the mold should be fully completed the dimensions and sample issues.

Tool approval tryout (TA or T4) should be run continuously 2-4 hours to verify the mold function and sample quality. After tryout finished finally check mold before shipment.

Above are the process summary of pre-deformation mold modification. detailed information please contact us by

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