Dongguan Enuo mold Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Hong Kong BHD Group, plastic mold design and manufacturing is their core business. Furthermore, metal parts CNC machining, prototype products R&D, inspection fixture/Gauge R&D, plastic products molding, spraying and assembly also be engaged in.

Creativity 5 Comments Oct-28-2020

Hot Spring+ forest drifting for fun!

-A trip to Nankunshan Hot Spring Health Valley

It’s raining for days and I don’t know that spring has passed. Once the weather is fine, I realize that summer has arrived for a long time. Time is always in our inadvertent passage, the calendar of 2019 has been turned over in June, and the hot summer is coming… For all of our partners, the past six months have been six months of hard work, and countless hard work has finally resulted in the team being stable in the tragic market knockout and even growing against the trend. Here, in order to thank all the brothers and sisters for their hard work, the company decided to organize all the colleagues to go to Huizhou R&F Nankunshan Hot Spring Health Valley to play – we enjoy villas, hot springs, KTV, barbecue, mahjong… enjoy the enthusiasm; if you feel These are not happy enough, don’t panic, and the Kunshan Gorge forest drifting will make your partners passionate! guys, enjoy the perfect holiday!


Post time: Oct-28-2020